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        Biker trout look meaner than they are. Underneath the beard, piercings, do-rag, and tats is just another fish searching for a little open road, or, to be correct, open stream.

        Aren’t we all?

        Their detractors—bait fishermen—consider them lazy bottom-feeders (they should talk!) which is why bait anglers fish for them with salmon eggs jigged along the streambed. A dry fly is to a bait fisherman what a sonnet is to an orangutan: something quite beyond understanding.  

        Too few bikers have been caught to reveal much about their life history. Most believe it is not unlike that of other trout: sexual maturity at two years, spawning that year or the next, retirement at age six, followed by a seventh year spent writing memoirs and searching for Viagra tablets dropped by aging male fly fishermen. 

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